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Taking Family Fun into the Psycho Zone with multi-player strategy board games!


Add a level of action and excitement to classic strategy games!


Fun for the entire family. Family game night will never be the same again!


See who has the right mix of skill and luck to win!

What are Psycho Games?

Taking Family Game Night to the next level

Family game night will never be the same again. We take classic strategy games and add a little luck to make it fun for younger or less-experienced players to learn and win.

Strategy games can be challenging for those just learning. The better players always win. Then those just learning get bored or frustrated and stop playing. With Psycho Games, players learn the basic strategies required to win, but by adding luck to the game, it evens the playing field. Giving less experienced players a chance to compete and win.

For your next family game night, put a Psycho Game on the table and get the entire family hooked on strategy games they can play for a lifetime!

Psycho Checkers


PSYCHO Checkers is a 2 to 4 player game with a party variation for up to eight players! We’ve added dice to this family classic to determine how many moves you can take. Entertain your family and friends for years to come!

Psycho Chess


PSYCHO Chess is a four-person Chess game. It is an exciting game with lots of action coming from every direction.

It is a strategy game but unlike standard chess, it’s much more hectic. It’s fun, exciting, and challenging game for both new and seasoned chess enthusiasts.

Jumpin' Jimmy Q by JimmyQ Games


It is so much more than the classic checkers game; each player gets seven tokens to traverse their way across this crazy new checkerboard.

PiggyBack by JimmyQ Games


Piggyback is a 2 to 4 player game for young children, their family, and friends, great for all ages.


A New Level of Fun

Unboxing the craziest checkers game

The twist in Jimmy Q games – known as “Psycho” rules – involves taking some of the strategy and turning it into luck.

Watch the video and learn how psycho checkers takes the game to the next level. Fun for the entire family!

The challenge in learning any strategy game begins when players (especially children) are mismatched – one with more experience and one with less. The less experienced players  often become frustrated if their opponent wins constantly.

With Psycho Games, the rules are slightly different, bringing some luck into the game. This aspect allows younger or less experienced players to win at least some of the time.

Psycho Games keep younger children’s attention while teaching the basics of classic strategy games.

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