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The game night you’ve
been waiting for!

Jimmy Q. GAMES takes classic board games and adds a new twist that will challenge your strategy skills while adding a little luck to the equation. With new boards, pieces, and rules, PSYCHO Board Games take game night to the next level.

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Jimmy Q. GAMES levels up the competition with multiplayer PSYCHO Board Games. PSYCHO Chess and Checkers put a modern spin on traditional tabletop games, testing your skills, strategy, and luck. Jimmy Q. GAMES will bring out the PSYCHO in you!

Not ready to go, full psycho? We have games for the kids too! JUMPIN’ Jimmy Q., Piggy Stax, and Hoppin’ Honeycomb are designed to include younger players!

We’ve got the perfect game for everyone!! It’s time to get PSYCHO with Jimmy Q. GAMES!

Psycho Chess Board Game Cover
Psycho Chess Board Game Cover
Psycho Checkers Board Game Cover
Jumpin' Jimmy Q Board Game Cover

game night

Are you tired of SORRY old game nights?

And are you ready for something new?! Jimmy Q. GAMES are sure to be your multiplayer game night favorite.

Get ready for twists and turns you never expected from a tabletop board game. So roll the dice and play PSYCHO Board Games to get in on all the fun!

Jimmy Q. GAMES turns old-school classics into non-stop action and excitement.


The PSYCHO Chess game concept is fantastic & adds a whole new dimension to the game of chess.


PSYCHO Checkers is a fun game to play. I like that more than a couple of players can play at once!


PSYCHO Chess is a great game! My children picked it up immediately and are all engaged.


PSYCHO Checkers and JUMPIN’ Jimmy Q. are great for all ages. Such fun twists to a classic game!


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