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Family game night starts with Psycho Games

Take Family Game Night to the next level

Family game night will never be the same again. We take classic strategy games and add a little luck to make it fun for younger or less-experienced players to learn and win.

Strategy games can be challenging for those just learning. The better players always win. Then those just learning get bored or frustrated and stop playing. With Psycho Games, players learn the basic strategies required to win, but by adding luck to the game, it evens the playing field. Giving less experienced players a chance to compete and win.

For your next family game night, put a Psycho Game on the table and get the entire family hooked on strategy games they can play for a lifetime!

Psycho Chess board game best for family game night Psycho Checkers board game best for family game night Jumpin' Jimmy Q board game best for family game night

Grab the dice and add some excitement

Strategy games are terrific learning tools for everyone. But with a traditional board game, like checkers, Chinese checkers, or chess, experience matters. As you learn the game, you loose … a lot. Many players keep at it and get better over time. Learning the strategies and tactics to succeed. But, many get frustrated and decide they don’t like playing any more.

With psycho games, we’ve added dice, and with dice you get an added bit of luck and excitement. Now when a child plays with a parent, or a novice player plays with an experienced player, they have a chance. The experienced player will still usually win, but now all players feel they are in the game as they learn the strategy too.

What’s the number one goal of family game night? Make it fun and exciting for everyone. Psycho games does this right from the start. Open the box, set up the board, and start playing. Fun and laughter, with a side of strategic learning, are included for free.

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