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Psycho Chess Board Game cover


PSYCHO Chess is a two-to-four-person chess game. This game will challenge the most seasoned players and excite the newest gamers! Full of action, strategy, and a little bit of luck—there’s a reason it’s a best seller!

It is an exciting tabletop game with lots of action coming from every direction. PSYCHO Chess is a strategic game, but unlike standard chess, it is much more hectic! Although it’s fun and exciting, it is a challenging game for players new to chess and seasoned chess enthusiasts.


Psycho Checkers Board Game cover

PSYCHO Checkers

The original family favorite is back and better than ever! PSYCHO Checkers is a game of constant action and…dice? You’ll have to play it to believe it! PSYCHO Checkers is the perfect game to bring to your next party!

PSYCHO Checkers is a two-to-four-player game with a party variation for up to eight players! The dice determine how many moves you can take within your turn. In true PSYCHO Board Game fashion, the game adds an exciting craziness that will entertain your friends and family for years to come.


Jumpin' Jimmy Q Board Game cover


JUMPIN’ Jimmy Q. is a two-to-four-player board game that will have you on the edge of your seat! We consider this game PSYCHO Checkers Junior—perfect for younger players ready for crazy fun!

Each player gets seven tokens to traverse this crazy new checkerboard. It’s mayhem as each player must go through the narrow center of the board to King their token. JUMPIN’ Jimmy Q. is fast-paced and exciting, sure to entertain your family and friends for years to come. So jump into the fun!


Front cover of Piggy Stax

Piggy Stax

Piggy Stax is a two-to-four-player board game that will make your whole family hog wild! The kids will love trying to get their piggies to their own mud sty while avoiding getting piggy stacked.

With several three-dimensional game board components, Piggy Stax brings the farm to life with color and motion. Your Piggies travel from their Barn stall along the path to their own mud sty. But be careful—along the way, they may get piggy stacked and taken away to another pigsty!


Hoppin' Honeycomb board game cover

Hoppin’ Honeycomb

Hoppin’ Honeycomb is the perfect game for introducing young children to board games! Players race through the honeycomb maze along their colored path but beware—there are several spaces where your bumble bee can get bumped and sent home to start the race again.

The first player to reach the end of their path wins the game! This exciting game will provide hours of family fun—get ready to buzz around the Hoppin’ Honeycomb!

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