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Piggy Stax Board Game


Piggyback is a 2 to 4 player game for young children, their family, and friends, great for all ages.

The gameboard has several three-dimensional components to make the farm illusion exciting and fun. The game comes with a spinner, 3D paper barn, 3D paper fences and four sets of stackable piggies.

Your Piggies travel from their Barn stall along the path to their own mud-sty.

But be careful, along the way they may get piggybacked and taken away to another pigsty!

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Piggyback board game is a two-to-four-person game, for young children, their family and friends, six-plus.

  • Four brightly colored piggy tokens, Pink, Yellow, Blue and Orange. Each token is stackable.
  • The board is a large circle path that the players move around using a spinner, if they land on a space with another piggy on, they must jump on-top of that piggy. The piggy that is the top piggy of the stack has control of the whole stack of piggies.
  • if you have no piggies left to play, because they are already home in their mud sty or trapped underneath a piggy stack then you can spin to SNEEZE, if you SNEEZE, pick one of your trapped piggies and all the piggies on top of them are sent back to their barns. You are now the top piggy and have control of the stack.

Piggyback comes with 16 Piggy Tokens, a Spinner, one Barn, four Fences, a Folded Gameboard and instructions. All Jimmy Q Games come with an Enthusiast Sticker.

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