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PSYCHO Checkers Board Game


PSYCHO Checkers is a 2 to 4 player game with a party variation for up to eight players!

Here at Jimmy Q Games, we’ve added dice to this family classic. The dice determine how many moves you can take within your turn. In true Psycho Game fashion, the game adds an exciting hecticness to the game that will entertain your friends and family for years to come.

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PSYCHO checkers board game is a two-to-four-person game with a multiplayer version for up to eight players. Each color has twelve tokens, six yellow and six black. In the standard play, you would control all twelve tokens, in the multiplayer version, one player plays yellow the other black. The yellow tokens play on the colors squares and only play against the other yellow tokens, while the black tokens only play on the black squares and against black tokens.

  • Four brightly colored checker tokens, Red, Green, Blue and Purple. Each token color is divided into yellow and black armies, yellow tokens against yellow and black tokens against black.
  • The classic board has been modified to accept the 48 tokens, each token has its own direction, you need to pay attention to that so you can maximize your jumps.
  • Two dice are added to the play, a Yellow die and a Black die.
  • The Yellow die determine how many moves each token can move on that turn.
  • The Black die determines how many tokens you can move on that turn.
  • Once you get Kinged, that’s when the game goes really insane!

The kings move in a manner so they can attack both yellow and black tokens, no one is safe.

PSYCHO Checkers is a standard full-size boardgame with full size tokens and instructions.

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